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Banking E-Wallet Casino provided convenience and efficiency in transaction speed, give you a variety of method by deposit and withdrawal.In order to achieve satisfaction with each customer,we will continue to improve to achieve outstanding services for all customer. Below are list of banking details provided in Singapore.


Method Minimum / Transaction Maximum/Transaction Average Time
Deposit: OnlineTransfer,Cash Deposit 50 50,000 3 minutes
Withdraw: Online Transfer 100 - 3 minutes


  • All processing time of deposit and withdrawal are subject to online banking availability.
  • Please be inform that large withdrawal amount might take longer processing time.
  • Withrawal are the only to be paid to individual bank account with the registered name in SGBOSS.
  • Deposit must fill in Holder Account Name ,who the person make the transfer by Online Transfer. Make sure Account name same with registered name in SGBOSS.
  • After for all deposit method transaction, please upload deposit attachment when submit deposit request.
  • All deposit must claimed in 24hours , unclaimed deposit amount after 24hours will be forfeited without prior notice.
  • Deposit via Interbank GIRO/IBG transfer must takes 24hours or the next business day to process(excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays).
  • Especial in SGBOSS , almost near 24hours among 1.00am to 12.00pm can withdrawal.
  • We will do not accept check, it will forfeited without prior notice.
  • Please take notes that you are not eligible to make any withdraw unless you meet the required criteria/rollover for any bonus claimed.