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Responsible Gaming

SGBOSS want all the players have the most fun while playing with us, so we encourage responsible gaming. We encourage our players to define their limits in order to monitor themselves more effectively. Gambling is one of the entertainments and it should never bring burden on your life either emotionally or financially.

Borrowing money or over spending are the common issues that we can found among players. These are unwise action taken by them and we are not encouraging players to do so. Over spending and borrow money will lead to major problems for the player’s life. We want you to enjoy playing on SGBOSS, so plan it wisely, bet responsibly and have the most fun here. Our entire customer service representatives are highly trained about problem gambling issues, kindly get in touch with us if you are in need.

If you are in such circumstances below, you are not encouraged to gambling:

  1. You are in the country that prohibited online gambling.
  2. You are in the recovering from any severe sickness or mental illness.
  3. You are influence by drug and alcohol or any unawake situation.
  4. Financially and mentally not stable.
  5. Trying to recover previous losses

Always remember, Gambling are one of the entertainment and not the only thing in your life. Talk to us and we are ready to help.

Providing Assistance:

There are many organization and society club providing support and help to those people who having issue with gambling and we recommend players to look after this organization for additional helps.

We are highly recommended the website below which offering advice and counseling regarding gambling problem. You may contact them if you would like to have a confidential advice and support.

Limited underage accessibility:

Every player who registers under SGBOSS should be age of 18 and above. If we suspect someone who are underage and try to using our service, we will request for the personal information to verify.